Licensed Facility

* We have a Mainline 2wd600L dyno which is capable of handling 1250 ft.lbs. of torque and 1200 whp. We can do any 2wd car, FWD or RWD, as well as motorcycles. Accurate AFR is monitored via a Tech Edge wideband sensor and a Bellanger afr500 with NTK calibration grade sensor as a secondary. We can also log fuel pressure and oil pressure. It has dual 7 bar map sensors and a dedicated pressure differential channel for monitoring pressure drop.

* This dyno is equipped with an inegrated weather station which updates every 1/4 second for accurate results. There are no user defined weather settings available to the operator to influence the results making this dyno very honest.

* Capable of logging 200 channels which are backed up monthly in the event anyone may require results at a later time.

* We monitor engine knock ALWAYS. This is done via a Phormula Pro tuner kit, with logging to the dyno as well as listening manually thru the headphones.

* Numerous, and rigorous safety protocols are used during the strapping and tuning of your car. This includes MULTIPLE strap locations, as well as wheel chocks. Proper cooling is done by multiple fans, sized according to what your car's needs are.

* Our shop is fully equipped to diagnose and repair any make/model or issues that may plague your vehicle. We will flush out those gremlins. Full scanning capabilities for all OBD2 compliant vehicles.