Dyno Peparation

Licensed Facility


Tires - Ensure tires are in good condition and have tread. Bald tires / safety hazards will be turned away until issues are remedied.

Fuel - Bring your car with at least half a tank of gas. Also ensure to fill up with what fuel you plan to use. If you plan to use 94 octane, we reccomend filling up on shell 91 for a safety factor, and also so that you may run 91 in a pinch!

Veichle/Mechanical Fitness - Ensure that all parts of the car are in good operating order. We cannot tune it if things are not set up correctly or vehicle equipment is in poor working order.
Ensure you have power goals in mind that are realistic to the engine and drivetrain. If we believe your goals are lofty, we will need to discuss a safe number to target. We will not be held responsible for over-stressing your setup to limits it is not meant to handle.
Before commencing tuning or any testing, we will complete our own in house checklist of your car and our setup, including checking for leaks, condition of u-joints/drive axles, tightness of associated piping and couplers, and many other visual items.