Dyno F.A.Q.

Licensed Facility

What to expect on the dyno?
We understand that having your car in somebody else's care, can be a hectic endeavour. We, as enthusiasts like you, have dealt with the same thing. Rest assured, your car is safe in our hands. Among the many vitals that we will be monitoring during your session, the following are some of the KEY items:

* Engine temperature - We always like to enforce a habit of setting warnings up in whichever software we're using. This ensures that it will get our attention if we approach any upper levels of what we like to call "safe" temperature for your specific setup.

* Knock - This is a big one, as detonation can be a real killer. We did not buy our knock detection equipment to sit in it's box and not be used. It will be attached to your engine, and monitored at ALL times. During your tune, we will be using this equipment to find the best possible timing, while avoiding knock. Using this method, we can maximize the performance of your engine, while keeping it within safe parameters of the fuel/setup you are running. Our knock equipment allows full integration into our dyno, which means that we can monitor it on screen during runs. Many aftermarket ecus now, are coming with built in knock detection (with attachment of sensors). This is a good thing, and as such, will be set up if applicable.

* Leaks - We will be monitoring your setup during the cool down breaks to ensure that no leaks have started anywhere. We believe it is very important to pay close attention to this, to ensure we arent running the car without a vital fluid. Most times, leaks are fairly obvious anyways.

* IAT - Intake air temperatures are another important factor, with turbo setups anyways. We will be using this to ensure that we do not operate the turbo/intercooler setup OUTSIDE of its range of operation.

Before your car is even operated on the dyno, the strapping/wheel chalking will be checked rigorously. We simply cannot/will not accept any mishaps of cars trying to escape the dyno. FWD cars will be "cross strapped" at the front to ensure the car can not pull in either direction. RWD cars will be strapped down to the centre of the rollers, as well as strapped to the ramps, and chalked. This ensures we will not have any unwanted movement of the car.

Our Rules
Baselines can be done with the customer present, as this is a very simple process, and only takes a small amount of time. For full tuning however, we require the car for a few days, and cannot have anybody present. This is for two reasons. The first, is the distraction factor. The tuner needs to be able to concentrate on what he is doing, to get the perfection that he desires in regards to the tune. The second, is that we require your car to cool down overnight so that we can check / set up the cold start enrichment from a dead cold start. Please note, in regards to cold start, that it may need to be "touched up" as temperatures get colder. We can only sample as low as the ambient temperature allows. During the summer, this makes getting the below zero parameters impossible without lower temperatures. Because of this, feel free to bring the car back for these touchups, in the colder weather. In most cases, this is not really applicable, as many people, retire their "fast cars" during the winter season.

Your Setup
In order for us to get the best out of your setup, we need to know the most we can about it. Injector data, size, brand and dead times. Turbo brand, size, make, engine details such as expected output, modifications, internals, cams, etc. Ignition system, have there been any upgrades? What plugs are you running and what is the gapping? Any information that you can give us in regards to your setup, can greatly help guide the tuner to your final tune being perfect.

Providing we did not build your setup, engine, etc, Rev'D Performance Ltd. will not be held liable for any mechanical failures. If it is found that it is directly related to our tuning abilities, we will discuss. We will need to discuss your goals, and current limitations before the tune even begins. This is where the above noted items come into play. If you wish to push your setup, for proving the setup, or which ever other reasons you may have, we are totally fine with that, HOWEVER, we will need a document signed, saying that we have discussed the potential risks and you have accepted this.

Last but not least, if you have ANY questions or reservations regarding our services, PLEASE feel free to ask. We are here to help you as much as we possibly can.